Help for Addicts:

There is PLENTY OF HELP FOR ADDICTS, that's why we're here!
Come to our meetings, call our hotline at 800-627-3543, reach out.
We were once right where you are and desperate to stop using.
We can help. Call us.
We will love you before you can love yourself.

Our message is HOPE, and the promise of FREEDOM.
Any addict can get clean, lose the desire to use, and learn a NEW WAY OF LIFE.

Update Information:

Need to send or update information on your meeting or event?
e-mail the webservant.

12Press HELP!

At the moment, there is no documentation for the 12Press platform, yet, as we just started creating this platform recently.
Soon...if we neglect to alter this page, the future location of such documentation and support is likely to be at: